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About Us

RAYVIL is a web portal designed and developed by wayindia software solution Pvt. Ltd. Now a days in INDIA the rural regions are already well covered by basic telecommunication services and are now witnessing increasing penetration of computers and smart phones. People in the rural regions are expected to embrace online transaction (SALE/PURCHASE) over time. The internet has made things cost-effective and convenient for people to reach and find potential buyers and sellers. Taking advantage of these developments online portals are viewed as key mode of transaction vehicle for vendors and buyers. This is where the importance of RAYVIL web portal and mobile apps comes. Through RAYVIL portal a vender, who may be a farmer, manufacturer manufacturing rural or forest based products, can reach their potential buyer. In today’s busy and hectic world it becomes a herculean job for sellers to reach the right buyer. RAYVIL makes the seller’s job incredibly convenient and easier.

Through RAYVIL the manufacturer/sellers can reach the right people to sell their product.

By logging in they can register all the necessary data’s to facilitate the potential customers to reach and find them.

The information’s given by the registered vendor will be available on the web site. Any interested buyer searching for the said category of product can reach the manufacturer/seller through the site by the contact number, email or postal address reflected on the website.