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  • Apsara Statue

    4015 / pc 4000.00 / pc

    This Apsara statue is made up of Ranga Dalimba stone & is 14 inches,by the craftsman of Raghurajpur village the most popular handicraft village in India.It is a female spirit of the clouds and waters in Hindu .Apsaras are said to be able to change their shape at will, and rule over the fortunes of gaming and gambling.The traditional belief in these idols has also made its way inside our homes. When visiting any traditional Indian house, you may get to see some type of idol and statues placed at some corner of the room. Apsara statue is also is used as one of the most important home décor accessories. It is inspired by Khajuraho paintings and is believed to add calm element to the home interior. Many people also believe that this statue is linked with happiness and fun loving environment. It adds a lot of positive energy to your home and mind of people.

    Category: Stone Statue
    Min quantity to buy: 1 pc