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  • Maa Durga

    3015 / pc 3000.00 / pc

    This Goddess Maa Durga murti is 10 inches made up of Kendu Mundi Stone at Raghurajpur the most popular Handicraft village in India. Durga has 8 to 10 arms. These represent the 8 quadrants or directions in Hinduism. This suggests she protects her devotees from all directions. The trishul or trident she holds is symbolic of the three human qualities– Satwa (Inactivity or the ideal state of mind characterized by awareness and purity of thought), Rajas (activity or energy associated with desires, wishes and ambitions) and Tamas (lethargy and stress). In order to attain peace and happiness, there needs to be the balance between these three qualities.

    Category: Stone Statue
    Min quantity to buy: 1 pc