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  • Budha head(Budha Munda)

    615 / pc 600.00 / pc

    It is made up off pinkstone and is available in all possible sizes. Gautama Buddha , was a monk , philosopher, teacher and religious leader on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. He grew up in Kapilavastu and felt that material wealth was not life's ultimate goal.At the age of 29, Siddhartha left his palace to meet his subjects. Despite his father's efforts to hide from him the sick, aged and suffering, but could not stop him. Siddhartha saw a decaying corpse , he was depressed and finally left the place. For the remaining 45 years of his life, he traveled lot of palces teaching a diverse range of people: from nobles to servants, murderers.

    Category: Stone Statue
    Min quantity to buy: 1 pc