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    3215 / pc 3200.00 / pc

    12 inches, black Granite stone statue. tone Carvings is mainly used in the architecture of sculpts and temples. Stone Carvings are not only used for the architecture of temples and sculpts but also for household things. Odisha is mainly known for its stone carvings. Stone carving is a chief handicraft of Orissa. Sun Temple of Konark, Udayagiri and Ratnagiri and the temples at Jagannath, Lingaraj, Mukteshwar are the examples of Stone carving of Odisha art. The origin of stone carving in Orissa started back to 13th century A. D. The world famous Sun Temple is one of the best examples of artistry. Since then this tradition is following from generation to generation. Even today Stone Carving is one of the famous arts in Odisha. Today there are many families who are engaged in this work as their livelihood.

    Category: Stone Statue
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