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    500015 / pc 500000.00 / pc

    Welcome lady is the best statue that one can have. This is a statue of a lady with her hands folded in the 'Namaskara' or 'Namaste' posture or the 'Mudra'. Across India this posture means - the greetings, just as saying a warm 'hello'. The posture has great mythological significance as it is the same one which is observed while offering prayers to deities across India. Even the mythological characters in stories can be heard and read as offering Namaskara as a form of respect while meeting someone. Hands folded as in this posture is considered a sign of respect. It is a perfect choice for the entrances of your home, reception area at offices, shops/showrooms to welcome your guests and offering respect. It is made up of sandstone.

    Category: Stone Statue
    Min quantity to buy: 2 pc